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What’s in the stimulus for the environment

2009 February 18
by tomelko

List of environment-related spending items of note in the recently signed stimulus package:

  • $4.125 billion for flood control and water management construction, regulation and investigations
  • $1 billion for water reclamation and reuse projects
  • $650 million for renovation of forest roads, bridges and trails, remediation of abandoned mines, removal of barriers to fish and other critical habitat
  • $375 million for Mississippi River and tributary construction
  • $280 million for the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service for refuge operations and maintenance
  • $100 million for clean-up of ‘brownfield’ former industrial sites

This is not a complete list by any means. Estimates have “energy and environment” totals at $50.8 billion, heavily weighted towards the former, “outdoors, Indian reservation and arts” spending at $10.9 billion, and “transportation and housing” at $61.8 billion.

Sources: Congressional Budget Office, Wall Street Journal, H.R.1