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Columbia School of Journalism pushes content-based ads

2011 May 10
by tomelko

For Journalists, a Call to Rethink Their Online Models

Columbia University has surveyed the state of digital journalism, and it has concluded that journalists must rethink their relationships — and their audiences’ relationships — with advertisers.

That does not mean yielding editorial control to sponsors, but it might mean coming up with alternatives to impression-based pricing, creating higher-value content for the Web by tapping into page view data, and helping to ensure that Web ads have value on their own.

Done. Here’s what’s going to happen next:
Publishers will spend the next several years working on manageable content advertising models.
They will work well for certain advertisers and increase profits.
Publishers will begin offering new services in content strategy and content creation to expand the potential client base, and as a revenue source.
Epic battles between advertising agencies and publishers ensue.